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Sports Injuries

How osteopathy can help

Symptoms and Conditions

  • Muscular strains and tears
  • Tendon problems
  • Shin splints
  • Epicondylitis (tennis elbow/golfers elbow)
  • Recovery after a fracture
  • Ligament sprains

What could be behind my pain

Playing sport is generally very good for you, but unfortunately sometimes things can go a little pear shaped. There are all sorts of reasons that you may have ended up with a sports injury, for example a sudden change of direction on unprepared muscles could see you end up with a tear, or significant trauma could result in a sprain to the ligaments of a joint.

The better prepared you are for your sport and the more supportive work you do to help your body cope with the sport the less you should get injured. Simple things such as effectively warming up and cooling down can help your body to adjust to exercise, and recover after playing. Doing appropriate strengthening activities outside of your chosen sport can also help your body to cope. For example, having a strong core can help to prevent back injuries when weight lifting, and doing flexibility work can help to prevent muscular over stretching and subsequent tears.

In order to get back to enjoying your sport, you need to resolve the pain or discomfort of the injury and then undergo effective rehabilitation. It is very important that you do not miss out the rehabilitation stage of your recovery. This is because, if you don’t fully encourage your injury to recover, you may re-injure yourself – we all have that one friend who is always turning their ankles right? Slowly over time this is likely to lead to further chronic problems, and you may end up giving up your sport altogether.

At Swansea Body Kinetics our osteopaths and soft tissue therapists are committed to seeing an injury through the hands on treatment stage to full rehabilitation and return to activity.

How Osteopathy can help

Osteopathic treatment is specific to you as an individual. It aims to deal with the origin of your pain rather than just covering up the symptoms.

After an initial consultation to determine the root cause of your problem, we use a variety of techniques that aim to resolve the initial cause and to tackle any other factors that may be causing your symptoms.

What is involved 

Treatment involves manipulation, massage and articulation (gentle movement) of the joints to release restrictions, to  decrease excessive muscular tightness or spasm and to encourage good movement and function of the joints involved. This promotes the healing and health of the problematic area by ensuring adequate blood supply, drainage and movement.

Session Length

An initial consultation is up to an hour and twenty minutes – shorter if the condition is not too complicated. Treatment sessions are 30 – 40 minutes per session.

Treatment Length

The average number of treatments with an osteopath is between 3-5, however it does very much depend upon the person and the problem they have. For example if you have to keep doing something in work that sets off your issue, you may need more sessions.

Don’t just put up with pain…

There is no reason why you should put up with discomfort when help is at hand

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Great treatment, works wonders for any niggles or problems I have. My shoulders needed a fair bit of work due to general tightness and years of neglect. within two treatments the difference has been significant when testing and retesting but the difference how I felt lifting was huge. Very precise and knowledgeable in treating to the root of the issue and correcting it, very professional and super friendly. Going to be getting treatments on a monthly basis to keep me moving well.

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