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Hi, I’m Rosie and I decided to become an osteopath, as treatment from an osteopath helped me so much with my own pain. I graduated in 2014 with a 2:1 masters degree from Swansea University. I initially began my osteopathy training in London, but seeing how lovely Swansea was, I finished my degree course here and just couldn’t leave!

  • Where are you from? – I’m from a place called Northampton which is in the midlands. It’s nice, lots of countryside – but no sea!
  • What brought you to Swansea? – University! I started off studying osteopathy in London but it was super expensive to live there. I found out that osteopathy was a course in Swansea and when I came to have a look the sun was out and Swansea Bay was stunning! So after I graduated I started my clinic here.
    • What is your favourite thing about Swansea? – I think it’s really spacious and the beaches are stunning. It’s really lovely how much outdoor space and beach there is to enjoy here.
    • What lead you to study osteopathy? – I decided to study osteopathy because I wanted to help people to get out of pain and in to a healthier lifestyle. I find that most people want to live a healthy life and get out in the world to enjoy themselves, but pain can get in the way. I wanted to know how to remove that barrier.
    • What is your favourite thing about osteopathy? – The body is super interesting to me, it’s great working out what is going on with someone and working out how to get them better. Every patient is a very individual puzzle to solve. I love getting to know my patients and how osteopathy is helping them personally, for some people they just want to be able to sit at work comfortably, other people want to run ultramarathons!
    • What is the most interesting thing about the body for you? – How it all works together. It’s very interesting to me that something going on with your foot could cause compensations throughout the body and give you a headache. It’s cool getting to the bottom of a problem and then treating it.
    • What is your favourite thing to treat? – I love treating pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain. I also love treating wrists and headaches! The wrist is amazing, it has EIGHT tiny bones in that one little space!
    • How has osteopathy helped you? – I am a hypermobile individual- this means my ligaments are extra stretchy. This can cause a lot of different problems all over the body, but because I know what is going on and I can access treatment I can look after myself really well. This is pretty powerful for me, and means I can get on and do what I want to do!
    • How do you want patients to feel after an osteopathy session with you? – I like my patients to understand what I think is causing their problem, to not be afraid of it, and to have hope that they are going to get better. I want them to feel at ease in the appointment and to ask any questions they want.
    • What is the nicest compliment you have had about your work? – The best compliments are when you know you’ve given someone their life back! I’ve had people text me and say things like “I can walk again!” and I’ve had pregnant women tell me they think they had great births because of their treatments with me, and that’s a huge compliment.
    About Rosie
    Osteopathy can help with a large number of problems (see our about page), but my specialist treatment field is back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. This is a very rewarding field to work in, as often women are told back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy are something they just have to accept. In fact, a lot can be done to help relieve pain experienced during pregnancy and this can mean you can enjoy your pregnancy rather than being uncomfortable! I am also currently gaining further qualifications to treat babies and children, and at the moment we are giving away a free baby check for anyone who is treated at the clinic whilst pregnant.

    But I don’t just treat pregnancy aches and pains! Osteopathy really is for everyone and I enjoy treating a wide variety of different people- from the dedicated office workers, patients only a few days old to the elderly, and the weekend warriors amongst us!

    Most people don’t realise just how much osteopathy can help them, so if you have been thinking for a while that you need to get that back (or neck, elbow,shoulder,knee etc..) checked out, then give us a call or text and see if we can help you!

    Specialist Skills
    Osteopathy for Babies and Small Children

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