How osteopathy can help

Symptoms and Conditions

There are a number of symptoms that can occur during pregnancy

  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Swollen ankles
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

What could be behind my pain?

Everyone understands that you ‘grow a bump’ throughout pregnancy, but few people realise that actually every part of the body has to adapt. The changes your body makes to accommodate a growing baby include:

  • Exaggerated spinal curves
  • Larger breasts (putting a strain through the mid back)
  • Softening of the ligaments in the body (especially in the pelvis)
  • Changing neck angle
  • Softening of the arches of the feet
  • Adaptations in the way that you move (which of course pretty much involves everything!)
  • Hormonal changes mean that the tissues of your body act a little differently too, this affects lots of things, such as energy levels and fluid retention.

Many of the pains and problems in pregnancy develop from this widespread adaptation of your body. Lower back pain alone is estimated to affect between 50 and 82% of pregnant women.

Don’t just put up with pregnancy pains

We often hear that patients have been told that pregnancy pains are just “part and parcel of being pregnant” and to grin and bear it. At Swansea Body Kinetics, we disagree! A lot of these can be relieved through osteopathic treatment, so don’t suffer needlessly!

How Osteopathy can help

Osteopathic treatment is specific to you as an individual. It aims to deal with the origin of your pain rather than just covering up the symptoms.

After an initial consultation to determine the root cause of your problem, we use a variety of techniques that aim to resolve the initial cause and to tackle any other factors that may be causing your symptoms.

What is involved 

Treatment involves manipulation, massage and articulation (gentle movement) of the joints to release restrictions, to decrease excessive muscular tightness or spasm and to encourage good movement and function of the joints involved. This promotes the healing and health of the problematic area by ensuring adequate blood supply, drainage and movement.

Session length

Face to face appointments are 35 minutes long, online appointments are 30 minutes long. For your initial appointment, you will be sent a pre-treatment questionnaire which gathers important details about your medical history and the problem you are calling in for.

Treatment length

The average number of treatments with an osteopath is between 3-5, however, it does very much depend upon the person and the problem they have. For example, if you have to keep doing something in work that sets off your issue, you may need more sessions.

Don’t just put up with pain…

We often hear that patients have been told that pregnancy pains, such as pelvic girdle pain and low back pain, are ‘just part and parcel of being pregnant’ and to ‘grin and bear it’. The good news is that a lot of these can be relieved through osteopathic treatment, so don’t suffer needlessly!

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Having suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain in her first pregnancy (so severe that she was on crutches), my wife was recommended to see Rosie. What a difference! With regular treatment my wife was able to manage the pain and be a lot more mobile right up until the birth. Rosie has a genuine enthusiasm for treating pregnancy related problems and really has made all the difference to this pregnancy. We can’t recommend her enough!

Owen Price

My back is feeling loads better, in fact I haven’t really had any pain since I saw you last week!


Rosie has been amazing throughout my pregnancy dealing with any niggles and body changes as they develop and quickly putting a stop to them – can’t recommend enough.


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