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Pregnancy pains, and treatment of babies

Pregnancy pains and treatment of babies

Why do we get pregnancy pains? Everyone understands that you “grow a bump” throughout pregnancy, but few people realise that actually every part of the body has to adapt for this. Changes that your body makes in order to accommodate a growing baby include, exaggerated spinal curves, larger breasts (these put strain through the mid back!), softening of the ligaments throughout the body (but especially in the pelvis), changing neck angle, softening of the arches of the feet, and adaptations in the way that you move (which of course pretty much involves everything!).

Such a widespread adaptation of your body means that problem areas can develop. The most common problem pregnancy pains we see in the clinic are low back & pelvic pain, however other problems that we commonly tackle include: carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, mid back pain and swollen ankles. I often hear that patients have been told that pregnancy pains (such as pelvic girdle pain and low back pain) are “just part and parcel of being pregnant” and to grin and bear it. The good news is that a lot of these can be relieved through osteopathic treatment, so don’t suffer needlessly! If you would like to know more give us a call today on 07540453280 and see how we can help.

Here’s what some of our previous patients had to say about treatment of pregnancy aches and pains:

” Having suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain in her first pregnancy (so severe that she was on crutches), my wife was recommended to see Rosie. What a difference! With regular treatment my wife was able to manage the pain and be a lot more mobile right up until the birth. Rosie has a genuine enthusiasm for treating pregnancy related problems and really has made all the difference to this pregnancy. We can’t recommend her enough!” Owen Price

” My back is feeling loads better, in fact I haven’t really had any pain since I saw you last week!”

“Rosie has been amazing throughout my pregnancy dealing with any niggles and body changes as they develop and quickly putting a stop to them- can’t recommend enough”