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Online osteopathy appointments

Whether you have just done “a thing” to your back or you’ve been sitting awkwardly whilst working from home we’ve got you covered.

Rosie has ten years of experience of working with the body to explore your problem and give you a working diagnosis. From there Rosie can work out what needs to be done going forward. This can include showing you how to do some hands on treatment techniques yourself, teaching you exercises and stretches, or even just advice on what to do and what not to do.

An online appointment consists of:

  • Detailed medical case history
  • Exploration of the problem you have come with
  • A working diagnosis

Of course being online isn’t as good as being able to do hands on testing, but having an expert at hand that has an educated idea about what could be going on is reassuring. Your osteopath will explore the problem in as much detail as possible and get you to carry out simple movements to be able to test certain tissues, muscles and structures.

The osteopath will be able to advise you on what to do next. This may be some simple stretches or exercises to help relieve the pain, or even advice on what not to do or not to do.

Follow up appointments

During this session Rosie will walk you through specific exercises, stretches and self-treatment techniques specifically developed and put together to relieve the problem you have come with. This places the power to recover in your hands which is super empowering and will help you to feel some control over your pain. During the session Rosie will demonstrate and watch you doing the exercises and give you coaching instructions to ensure you are getting the benefits you are supposed to. Nothing can replace one to one sessions like this with an expert.

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Rehabilitation programmes

Depending on your problem your osteopath may have recommended a rehabilitation program.

We use software called Rehab My Patient to deliver your own personalised program.

First you will have an online appointment with your osteopath to run through the exercises and stretches with you to ensure you are comfortable and happy with what you are doing. Then you will be emailed a copy of all the exercises covered in your session. We will then book a follow-up appointment with you to ensure the exercises/stretches are having the desired effect.

Fitness programmes

No gym? No problem.

Rosie is a fitness instructor and aerial dancer as well as an osteopath.

It doesn’t matter if you have injuries or long-standing conditions, a whole home gym or no equipment, Rosie has the experience and knowledge to work with you to put together a fitness program to help you achieve your goals.

This can be delivered through one-to-one sessions that are 1 hour long: £30 per session or Rosie can write you a program to carry out at home with the equipment you have available.

Please note: if you have any injuries you must book an initial osteopathy appointment to ensure that your fitness program is written with this in mind.

One to one training

includes a free 10 minute consultation to discuss goals your fitness goals and aspirations.

Need motivation and encouragement? Missing your fitness classes?

Book in for one to one fitness sessions with Rosie to ensure you stay on track. These are personal programs written for you, set at your own pace and with your goals in mind. If you have an injury you CAN still exercise but you will be required to have an osteopathy appointment first to fully explore the problem.

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