Nicole Stroh


Hello I’m Nicole!

I’m a third year Masters of Osteopathy student at Swansea University and will be qualifying in 2020. Until then I’m providing advanced soft tissue therapy and Swedish massage here at Swansea Body Kinetics. Whether you’re looking for effective soft tissue treatment to help relieve those troublesome aches and pains, or a relaxing massage, you’ve come to the right place.

More About Nicole
Osteopathy can help with a large number of problems (see our about page), but my specialist treatment field is back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. This is a very rewarding field to work in, as often women are told back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy are something they just have to accept. In fact, a lot can be done to help relieve pain experienced during pregnancy and this can mean you can enjoy your pregnancy rather than being uncomfortable! I am also currently gaining further qualifications to treat babies and children, and at the moment we are giving away a free baby check for anyone who is treated at the clinic whilst pregnant.

But I don’t just treat pregnancy aches and pains! Osteopathy really is for everyone and I enjoy treating a wide variety of different people- from the dedicated office workers, patients only a few days old to the elderly, and the weekend warriors amongst us!

Most people don’t realise just how much osteopathy can help them, so if you have been thinking for a while that you need to get that back (or neck, elbow,shoulder,knee etc..) checked out, then give us a call or text and see if we can help you!

Specialist Skills
Soft Tissue Therapy
Swedish Massage

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