Aimee’s story – how osteopathy freed her from low back pain

Low back pain and why you shouldn’t put up with it

Did you know that the majority of people will suffer from low back pain at least once in their lives?

For some it can become a horrendous cycle of pain that never seems to completely go away and that can make everyday tasks such as housework and driving seem impossible! Osteopathy can help! Believe me because I’ve had first-hand experience of nasty low back pain! Osteopathic treatment helped me so much that it inspired me to train as an osteopath so that I could bring the same relief to others!

My back pain started when I was 16 years old, I was working in a care home on weekends and let’s just say that manual handling wasn’t a priority there! The G.P prescribed ibuprofen for the pain but these would only mask the pain for a while and it would come back with a vengeance once they wore off. Skip ahead a few years and I’m a housewife with a toddler and new-born baby and the back pain that has plagued me for years has now gotten so bad that I can’t bend down to pick up my children. I would literally be falling to the floor as my back would give way and then trying to get up from there…

Thankfully my wonderful Pilates instructor recommended an osteopath to me, I was very nervous going to my first appointment (and also a bit sceptical!) but it was the best thing I ever did! He took a full history of my problem and then performed some tests to diagnose the actual cause of the pain. My posture played a big part of my problem as it was appalling!

The osteopath treated me with a combination of massage, mobilisation and manipulation and when I got off the treatment couch I felt about a foot taller (I had actually returned to my full height as now I was standing completely upright!)And I pretty much floated out of the clinic! I felt amazing and literally cried with relief at not having the pain any more.

Of course the work on my back didn’t stop there, I had to strengthen my weakened muscles, which I did with Pilates, and I did still get a few flare ups now and then but I had an intensive course of treatments, once a week for about 5 weeks, and together this has helped me control my back pain- it’s rare that I even get a twinge these days.

I was one of the lucky ones as I had instant relief from my first treatment, however I did get a treatment reaction for the first few days. This can happen to anyone and is just your body readjusting and reacting to what has been done, some people get a bit achy after a treatment or can feel really tired for a few days but I was told it could happen and wasn’t concerned. Some people won’t be as lucky as I was and it may take a few treatments for them to see the results, but trust me, it is definitely worth it!

Don’t just put up with back pain…

There is no reason why you should put up with discomfort when help is at hand

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