James Roberts


Hi, I’m James, I grew up in Neath and I decided to study osteopathy when I was in school, I was told I had to stay in Wales as part of a rugby academy and had always been fascinated by the way the human body moves and works, especially muscles. After hours of research about which degree would give me the most insight in to the body I chose osteopathy.

Osteopathy has also significantly helped me in lots of ways- I’ve had a lot of treatment! It’s especially helped my lower back.

Specialist Skills

General Osteopathy, sports injuries, especially the ankle, lower back injuries

“I always want my patients to feel comfortable, safe, happy, listened to and respected. I also want them to feel better about their pain whether it’s in the treatment room, post treatment, or even a few days down the line.”

Osteopath, Swansea Body Kinetics

About James

I enjoy treating lots of different problems, but my favourite thing to treat is probably the ankle. I love the rehab process for many of the injuries to the ankle and I tend to have good success with it, having injured mine several times!

The best thing about osteopathy has always been that we are able to make such a difference to people’s lives. As osteopaths we can make interventions that can improve people’s health and wellbeing from acute to chronic injuries. Seeing my patients get better is what it’s all about for me.

I remember one patient of mine telling me she had been living with pain for 30 years and it had stopped her doing a lot of things she wanted to do. After seeing me she said she wished she had seen an osteopath sooner as she felt better than she did 30 years ago! She had started dancing and doing yoga, something she could only dream of before treatment. It is comments like this that make me excited to go to work every day.

When James is not busy fixing ankles, he can often be found playing rugby for Neath or watching History documentaries!

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