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Hi, my name is James, I am a recent graduate from Swansea University with a 2:1 master’s degree in osteopathy. I am fluent in both English and Welsh.

As a semi-professional rugby player for Neath RFC, I have learned a lot about rehabilitating injuries. Whether you have postural, occupational, acute, chronic or sports-related pain, contact Swansea Body Kinetics today and find out how I can help you.

  • Where are you from? – Born and bred in Neath!
  • What is your favourite thing about Neath? – Definitely the rugby team!
  • What is your favourite thing about Swansea? – My favourite thing about Swansea until 2020 was probably Wind Street. But, with bars closing and a change of lifestyle, I would now say my favourite things are the Gower beaches. We are so lucky to have them and they are incredible. The people of Swansea come a close second!
  • What lead you to study osteopathy? – I decided to study osteopathy when I was in school, I was told I had to stay in Wales as part of a rugby academy and had always been fascinated by the way the human body moves and works especially muscles. This lead me to study osteopathy.
  • What is your favourite thing about osteopathy? – My favourite thing about osteopathy has always been that we are able to make a difference in people’s lives. As osteopaths, we can make interventions that can improve people’s health and wellbeing from acute to chronic injuries. Seeing my patients get better is what it’s all about for me.
  • What is the most interesting thing about the body for you? – Bit of a weird one, but my favourite fact about the body is that the entire surface of your skin is replaced every month! So technically the saying ‘new year, new you’ is true.
  • What is your favourite thing to treat? – My favourite thing to treat is probably the ankle. I love the rehab process for many of the injuries to the ankle and I tend to have good success with it, having injured mine several times!
  • How has osteopathy helped you? – Osteopathy has significantly helped me in lots of ways – I’ve had a lot of treatment! It’s especially helped my lower back.
  • How do you want patients to feel after an osteopathy session with you? – I always want my patients to feel comfortable, safe, happy, listened to and respected. I also want my patients to feel better about their pain whether it’s in the treatment room, post-treatment, or even a few days down the line. A positive outlook can make a big difference.
  • What is the nicest compliment you have had about your work? – The nicest compliment I’ve received always sticks in my mind because it meant a lot to me. A patient of mine said she had been living with pain for 30 years and it had stopped her doing a lot of things she wanted to do. After seeing me she said she wished she had seen an osteopath sooner as she felt better than she did 30 years ago. She had started dancing and doing yoga, something she could only dream of before treatment. It is comments like this that make me excited to go to work every day.
About James

 During my treatment sessions I take a super detailed case history to get all the background of your problem, I then examine you to see how the body is working (or not working!) together. Once I have an idea about what is going on I take the time to explain to you what I feel the problem is. Research suggests (and I would agree!) that the more people understand about their problems, the less trapped and concerned they feel about it.

My treatments consist of a mix of techniques depending on your individual situation, these may include massage, manipulation, stretching, muscle release, dry needling/acupuncture, and exercise advice in order to help you get better. One of my favourite things about osteopathy is the emphasis on an individualised treatment plan just for you. Even though you might have the same injury as someone else, your treatment often needs to be quite different!

Why choose James?

As a dedicated rugby player, who has been playing from 8 years old, I have always been interested in how the human body works. It is a fascination that was amplified because of playing a high impact sport and experiencing first-hand the effects it has had on my body. It made me realise how important it is to maintain your body through stretching, exercises and rehabilitation. This is the driving factor in why I wanted to become an osteopath.

I studied Osteopathy for four years at Swansea University, graduating in July 2019 with a 2:1 masters degree. 

I was brought up in the Swansea valley and educated through the Welsh medium at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera. This makes me fluent in both English and Welsh languages. For those that feel more comfortable conversing in Welsh, mae gennych chi’r cyfle i archebu apwyntiad gyda fi.

Osteopaths use an array of techniques to treat our patients which include primarily soft tissue techniques, mobilisations, and manipulations (where you may commonly hear a clicking noise).

I am very proud and happy to be a member of the Osteopathy team here at Swansea Body kinetics. If you have any questions or inquiries don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! You can call us now on 07540 453 280 or book an appointment online using the Book Appointment button at the top of this page.

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