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Ellie Cathcart


Hi, I’m Ellie and I am here to help you with all your aches and pains! From slipped discs to headaches and pulled muscles to chronic conditions, this is where you need to be to get sorted. Osteopathy is for all walks of life and can help with a lot more problems than most people realise, if you would like to get rid of your pain and start to enjoy your life again then call us now!

More About Ellie
During my treatment sessions I take a super detailed case history to get all the background of your problem, I then examine you to see how the body is working (or not working!) together. Once I have an idea about what is going on I take the time to explain to you what I feel the problem is. Research suggests (and I would agree!) that the more people understand about their problems, the less trapped and concerned they feel about it.

My treatments consist of a mix of techniques depending on your individual situation, these may include massage, manipulation, stretching, muscle release, dry needling/acupuncture, and exercise advice in order to help you get better. One of my favourite things about osteopathy is the emphasis on an individualised treatment plan just for you. Even though you might have the same injury as someone else, your treatment often needs to be quite different!

Why choose Ellie?
I have a strong background in gymnastics and weight lifting (I also enjoy the occasional hike and odd swim too!) and I know how much of a downer it can be when you can’t do the things that you enjoy! I have coached gymnastics since I was a teenager and my experience here has given me a great chance to see how different people work and allowed me to refine my rehabilitation techniques- I understand that there’s more than one way to skin a cat and if you can’t get your head around one stretch, don’t worry I will find you a different one!

I am proud to say that I graduated with a 1st Class Masters degree in osteopathy, and I believe this is a reflection of how passionate I am about the subject. I was always fascinated throughout my childhood with how the body works and how many amazing things it can achieve when looked after well (especially in the gymnastics field- how come some people can do the splits and some people can’t?). Osteopathy was a natural choice for me as a career and I really enjoyed time spent on placement both in a private capacity and an NHS setting. I got to treat such a wide variety of patients and treat every one of them with tailored individual treatment just for them.

What more could you want?
During my degree I carried out a research study looking at the functions of fascia (the tissue that envelops the musculoskeletal system) and I am currently in the process of publishing this in a research journal.

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