About Swansea Body Kinetics

Swansea Body Kinetics

About Swansea Body Kinetics

Swansea Body Kinetics has a growing practice for osteopathy, acupuncture and soft-tissue therapies in Uplands in Swansea. 

Founded by Rosie Jones in 2014 with a clear mission to offer our patients and clients the very best in modern osteopathic treatment, we are very lucky to be able to say that we absolutely love what we do! Everyday is different and there is nothing more rewarding than freeing somebody from suffering. 


How We Got Started

In its original concept, Swansea Body Kinetics was conceived as an osteopathic specialist and a specialist therapist for sports people and sports related injuries

Starting Out

The business started out in Swansea, initially working  from shared premises with other therapists. Referrals grew rapidly and it was not long before Rosie, the founder, needed to recruit additional osteopaths  to help manage and expand the business

Rosie Jones, the Founder

Rosie Jones initially worked for another osteopathic group after qualifying as an osteopath in 2014. As well as founding Swansea Body Kinetics, she has gone on to study for additional osteopathic qualifications specialising in the treatment of babies.

New Premises

In the Spring of 2018, we leased premises on Glanmor Road in Swansea, an exciting time as this was the first time we had an environment we could manage all by ourselves and which allowed us to give more practice hours and commitment to our patients.

Our Commitment to our Patients

The relationship between osteopath and patient is built on trust and confidence. Swansea Body Kinetics is totally committed to establishing and maintaining this ethical relationship. We believe that you should also know and understand the professional standards we work to. To ensure both of these, we, at Swansea Body Kinetics commit to the following:
  • Effective and straightforward communication with our patients by whatever means – which means giving you information in a way you can clearly understand
  • The principle of valid consent – which means consent that is given voluntarily by an appropriately informed person with the capacity to the intervention in question. This would include consent for treatment, for example.
  • Working in partnership with our patients – to ensure we find the best treatment for you
  • Supporting our patients in caring for themselves – to help them improve and maintain their own health.
  • Ensuring we have the skills and training to treat you – which includes understanding osteopathic principles, keeping our skills and training up to date and recognising the limits of our training and competence
  • Providing you with a safe and high quality environment – by providing you with proper, planned treatment courses, doing our best to understand you and your condition and by improving your health
  • Politeness and consideration are at the root of the way we will treat you – we undertake to provide you with a relaxing environment to explain to you what we are trying to do, by acknowledging you and your individuality and by respecting your dignity and modesty at all times
  • Providing appropriate care and treatment – at all times
  • Keeping accurate, confidential and timely records – providing you and our healthcare colleagues with high quality and accurate information when it is needed and, at all times, with your knowledge
  • Ensuring your beliefs are respected and not allowing ours to prejudice your treatment
  • Complying with all laws on equality, diversity and anti-discrimination
  • Respecting your right to privacy and confidentiality at all times
  • Being open and honest with you
  • Supporting our colleagues – to deliver the best possible care for you
  • Not allowing our own problems with health, or other matters to impact on your well-being or treatment
  • To comply with health and safety legislation
  • To ensure good standards of hygiene
  • To be honest and trustworthy in all our dealings with our patients, our colleagues, with external health practitioners and with our professional bodies

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