5 reasons you need your osteopath at Christmas and New Year

I am sure someone might once have said an Osteopath is just for the rest of the year and not for Christmas. OK I made that one up, but here are our 5 best reasons why all that celebration might just mean your osteopath can help if something should go wrong…

1. Drunken falls!

We all know what it’s like, you’ve had a few too many at the works Christmas party and you end up falling sideways down a kerb that popped up from nowhere! The usual injuries I see from this sort of thing are ankle sprains, knee and lower back problems! If you manage to catch yourself you can sometimes end up with a sore wrist! So watch out for those kerbs and be Merry (but not too merry!).

2. High heels

Otherwise known as an osteopathic nightmare

…but they look fantastic!! Wear away but take extra care of your ankles, knees and lower back as these are put under extra pressure when wearing amazing shoes! Men, take notice if you intend to practice in them too…

3. Present wrapping

If you don’t believe this can be dangerous, you never saw Aimee wrapping presents…

I’ve already had a few people coming in who have spent hours leant over presents doing extreme wrapping! These ended up with aching lower backs and headaches. When wrapping presents try to vary your position and take regular breaks. It’s a good idea to make sure you are comfy and prepared before you start too.

4. Stress levels

Christmas can be a manic time with presents all over the place, the cat tearing down the Christmas tree and the impeding visit from the in laws. Lots of people get really stressed out with it all! This can result in tension and aches and pains. It’s worth getting these sorted out so that you can enjoy the big day trouble free.

5. Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping can result in lots of different problems- aching feet and knees from walking for miles to sore neck and shoulders from lugging heavy bags around. When shopping try to allow enough time for regular breaks and try not to carry too much at once!

Happy Christmas

Of course, we hope none of these happen to you and that you have a wonderful time, but if something should happen to you, remember we are only a phone call away. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember your osteopath at Christmas…

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