Touched a nerve? This shows how nerves that originate in the neck can refer pain to the head and result in a headache!

Touched a nerve? This shows how nerves that originate in the neck can refer pain to the head and result in a headache!

A few people have been asking about how we can help with headaches recently, as Aimee is a headache sufferer we thought we would share her story:

I started getting really bad headaches as a teenager, I would wake up with a banging headache that would make me feel sick anytime I tried to do anything…

Of course, the first thing I did was try painkillers but they would make me feel fuzzy-headed, and as they didn’t deal with the source of the headache I often ended up taking them for days. Taking the painkillers for days on end meant that they would actually worsen the problem by giving me a “medication headache” on top of the one I already had! As a teenager I hoped my headaches were something to do with hormones and that I would “grow out of them” but sadly throughout my adult life my headaches got worse and worse until eventually I was getting headaches at least every other day!

By this point I was trying to take care of my two small children, which became even harder than it should be! I lived in a continuous cycle of headache-medication-headache-medication right into my thirties until I finally tried something different…osteopathy! I never would have thought of trying osteopathy to treat headaches- how can hands on treatment help relieve pain in your head?!

The osteopath I saw treated my neck with massage and mobilisation as they found that the headaches were in fact being referred from this area! Initially, following treatment I had a massive headache! Thankfully my osteopath had warned me that this was quite common and was known as a treatment reaction, so I didn’t panic. By the next morning my treatment reaction headache had gone completely and I didn’t have another headache for about four days. After so long of suffering, I was ecstatic, everything was so much easier without a constant headache!

As was expected my headaches started to creep back in by the next week when I had another treatment (and again I had a headache immediately after treatment) but each treatment gave me relief for more days at a time until I was able to space out my treatments to one every 4-6 weeks! Now I am more aware of the warning signs of an imminent headache and will book myself in for treatment before the cycle can start again, I was also given advice and exercises to do in between treatments and this has helped a lot to maintain a headache free life.

If this story sounds like you, don’t keep suffering! Give us a call on 07540453280 and talk to us about how osteopathy can help with your headaches.