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Back Pain

Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments reported to GPs, with 2.8 million days of work lost in 2013/2014 (Health and Safety Executive, 2014) reportedly due to problems with the back. The symptoms of back pain can be severe and quite frightening but the good news is that it is rarely serious and is likely to resolve after a few weeks.
There are lots of different causes of back pain, including: sprains or strains to the muscles or ligaments supporting the back, injury to the discs of the back and injury to the individual joints of the spine. The back may also be uncomfortable as a result of compensation for an injury elsewhere, for example pain in the hip may lead to an imbalanced use of your back muscles. This can result in overuse of some muscles and resulting in pain.

Osteopathy is well known as an effective treatment for back pain and is recommended in the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines as a way to relieve back pain.

How osteopathy can help

Osteopathic treatment is specific to your body as an individual and aims to deal with the specific cause of your back pain rather than cover up the symptoms. After I have determined the root cause of your pain I will use a variety of techniques that aim to resolve the initial problem and any other factors that may be maintaining your symptoms.
Manipulation, massage and articulation (gentle movement) of the joints of the back will be used in order to release restrictions, decrease excessive muscular tightness or spasm and encourage good movement and function of the whole spine. This promotes the healing and health of the problematic area through ensuring adequate blood supply, drainage and movement.
Don’t suffer in silence with back pain, give me a call and find out just how much osteopathy can help.

Back Pain 17th March 2015