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Rosie Jones M.Ost

Rosie Jones | Osteopath in SwanseaHi I’m Rosie and I work as an Osteopath in two busy Swansea Clinics. I first became interested in osteopathy whilst travelling in the Australian outback; it fascinated me to see how the aboriginal peoples dealt with health problems long before the advent of pharmaceuticals.

Osteopathy really is for everyone and I enjoy treating a wide variety of different people- osteopathy can treat more than you think. I am passionate about bringing osteopathy to Swansea and demonstrating how osteopaths consider the whole picture of health when treating a person. I am also gaining further qualifications in nutrition, movement, exercise, and psychological problems to further expand my ability to help you.

…very precise and knowledgeable in treating to the root of the issue and correcting it, very professional and super friendly. Going to be getting treatments on a monthly basis to keep me moving well…

woman with neck pain

Shoulder, Neck And Arms

Headaches, carpal tunnel, spondylosis…

man knee pain

Leg, Hip & Pelvic

Bursitis, Shin splints, Nerve impingement…

African American Woman With a Backache - Isolated

Back Pain

Disc injury, sciatica, spondylosis, postural problems…

Pregnancy lower back pain

Pregnancy & Babies

Back pain, pelvic pain, symphysis pubis pain and more…

Osteopath Swansea 15th March 2015